AFR visits Taichung City Government to prospect jointly for international collaboration

The Association of Foreign Relations (AFR) delegation to Taichung City Government on April 16, 2019 was warmly received by Ambassador Bruce J. D. LINGHU, Deputy Mayor of Taichung City, on behalf of Mayor LU Shiow-yen. The City Government’s Secretariat remarked that in recent years Taichung has been promoting foreign engagement and cross-Strait exchanges, and that they hope to work with AFR to prospect for international collaboration opportunities. 


Deputy Mayor Linghu welcomed the 34 delegates, including AFR Chairperson Ambassador Andrew L. Y. Hsia and former Foreign Minister Ambassador Francisco H. L. Ou, on a visit to "Taichung Hub" where a guide introduced Taichung’s history, infrastructure, and ecological environment. The AFR delegation experienced the beauty of Taichung through 3D/5D interactive media. 


Deputy Mayor Linghu expressed gratitude to AFR for its past assistance in cross-Strait and international affairs. "There are many seasoned colleagues and old schoolmates in the association who are willing to lend a hand when we need them, " he added. "We hope to strengthen the bilateral relationship between AFR and Taichung City Government with an eye to creating more international collaboration opportunities. Mayor Lu's policy of "goods sell and talent flows in” could take advantage of the valuable experiences of the retired diplomatic officials in AFR, and thus it is in Taichung’s interest to invite AFR Chairman Hsia to be in our newly-established Economic and Cultural Exchange Working Group.”


Chairman Hsia expressed delight at receiving the appointment, and remarked that a government’s most important job is to take care of the people so that they could afford a happy life. ”Our former overseas colleagues are willing to utilize their rich experience to help create more international cooperation, especially in the realm of Southeast Asian and cross-Strait affairs," he added.

Deputy Mayor Linghu gave a porcelain plate painted with Lake Hear Pavilion of Taichung Park, Heping Li-Shan tea and Flora Expo cakes/pastries to AFR as tokens of welcome. Chairman Hsia, on behalf of AFR, presented a certificate of appreciation to Deputy Mayor Linghu. 


The Secretariat of the Taichung City Government indicated that AFR as a non-profit, non-partisan and non-governmental organization allows greater access to future international and cross-Strait collaboration opportunities in areas such as trade, commerce, culture, academics, public policy, and private sector. It is hoped that with AFR’s resources, Taichung City could speed up its efforts in expanding global outreach and engagement (translated from