Lecture Invitation: What's next for US-China trade tensions? On Taiwan's economic strategic layout

The Association of Foreign Relations and the ROC-USA Business Council will jointly hold a lecture on “What’s next for US-China trade tensions? On Taiwan’s economic strategic layout” at the Institute of Diplomacy and International Affairs on 30 May 2018. 

Date/Time: May 30 (Wed.), 2018, 2-5PM
Venue: International Conference Room, Institute of Diplomacy and International Affairs (2F., No. 280, Section 4, Dunhua South Road, Taipei City, Taiwan)

About the lecture: 
President Trump of the United States signed a memorandum on March 22 to punish China for infringing on American intellectual property on a scale of at least USD $50 billion by imposing a 25% tariff on Chinese commodities, and limiting related enterprises investing in American firms’ mergers and acquisitions. China immediately retaliated by imposing a 15% or 25% tariff on US imports worth USD $3 Billion. 
According to R.O.C. (Taiwan) Ministry of Economic Affairs, there are about 30% of all Taiwanese companies’invest in Mainland China in which final sales of goods go to the United States, and the industries under immediate threat are consumer electronics, textiles, machinery processing and electronic components. What direct and indirect impact would increasing US-China trade issues in dispute pose to Taiwan’s economy? And how should the
Taiwanese government respond?

The Association of Foreign Relations and the ROC-USA Business Council follow with interest the development of the situation, and invite renowned scholars and experts in the field to speak on how the US-China trade tensions might affect Taiwan’s economic development and to suggest future solutions in response to the tensions politically and economically. 

14:00-14:30   Registration
  Opening and Welcome Remarks (incl. introduction of the first session)
   Ambassador Francisco Hong-lien Ou, Chairman of ROC-USA Business Council
   Amabassador Andrew Li-yan Hsia, Chairman of the Association of Foreign Relations(AFR)


 Topic I. Taiwan's economic outlook in the aftermath of US-China Trade tensions
   Dr. Ming-te Sun, Director of Microeconomic Forecasting Center, Taiwan Institute of Economic Research 

15:30-15:40   Discussion
15:40-16:00   Coffee Break
16:00-16:10   Introduction of the second session

  Topic II. Political interpretaion of US-China trade tensions and its lessons
   Dr. Chung-chien Teng, Professor of Diplomacy, National Chengchi University

16:50-17:00   Discussion & Concluding Remarks 
To Register for the event, please email/RSVP to contact@afr.org.tw or call at +886-2-2748-9206.