Relations across the Taiwan Strait: Retrospective and Prospects for Future Development

In collaboration with the Center for East Asia Policy Studies and John L.Thornton China Center at Brookings, and the Freeman Chair in China Studies at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the Association of Foreign Relations (AFR) will co-host and send a delegation to the conference on “Relations across the Taiwan Strait: Retrospective and Prospects for Future Development,” to be held at the Falk Auditorium of the Brookings Institute, Washington, D.C., on July 13th.
Opened by Mainland Affairs Council Minister Andrew L.Y. Hsia’s keynote address, this conference’s three panels will touch upon such issues as cross-Strait relations, mainland China’s internal development, and Taiwan-US-Mainland China relations. Moderated by Dr. Richard C. Bush, Ms. Bonnie Glaser, and Dr. Cheng Li, respectively, the three panels will invite 5 Taiwanese scholars – Dr. Alexander C. Huang of Tamkang University, Dr. Tse-Kang Leng
of National Chengchi University/Academia Sinica, Dr. Hans T. Tung of National Taiwan University, Dr. Yuan-kang Wang of Western Michigan University, and Dr. Samuel S.G. Wu of National Taipei University – and Dr. Kwei-Bo Huang, AFR Secretary-General and the delegation head, to join with American and mainland Chinese experts to discuss the above-mentioned issues. Ambassador Raymond Burghardt, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), will deliver a luncheon remarks.
American and mainland Chinese experts include Mr. Alan Romberg of the East Asia program at Stimson Center, Dr. Baogang Guo of Dalton State College, Dr. Jin Zeng of Florida International University, Dr. Scott Kennedy of the Freeman Chair in China Studies at Center for Strategic and International Studies, Dr. Steven Goldstein of Smith College, and Dr. Suisheng Zhao of Center for China-US Cooperation at University of Denvor. 
AFR is a premier non-profit organization in Taiwan (R.O.C.) that concentrates on the development of Taiwan’s global links and the promotion of grass-root’s awareness of international affairs. This conference on July 13th will be the second time for AFR to receive the Mainland Affairs Council’s sponsorship and thus be able to cooperate with foreign counterparts for a multi-panel conference in Washington, D.C.
The uncorrected transcript of the conference can be found at 

Parts of the conference papers can be found at the links below. 

 Dr. Alexander Chieh-cheng Huang, ​"Another Major Juncture in Cross-Strait Relations: Reflections and Challenges" (rough draft for conference discussion only, do not quote without author’s consent)
 Dr. Baogang Guo, "Opportunities and Challenges in Cross-Strait Relations in 2016"
 Dr. Suisheng Zhao, "The Fragile New Normal in Cross-Taiwan Strait Relations: Retrospect and Prospect"