AFR Hosted Former Prime Minister of Japan Yoshihiko Noda

Honorable Yoshihiko Noda, former Prime Minister of Japan, was invited by the Association of Foreign Relations (AFR) to deliver a speech on “The Recovery of Japan and Taiwan-Japan relations” on April 30, 2015.
In his speech, Hon. Noda appreciated Taiwan for aiding Japan during the” 311” devastating earthquake. He also discussed several important issues commonly faced by Taiwan and Japan, such as the bilateral cultural exchanges, the negotiation on a free trade agreement, and the dilemma of aging population and decreasing fertility rate. He shared his opinion on the controversy of island sovereignty between Taiwan, Japan and mainland China, and his observations on the future of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). Hon. Noda considered the dispute of island sovereignty should be solved in a peaceful way under the international law and the cooperation of Japan and its neighboring countries. He also mentioned that he could not yet give any comment
on AIIB due to its unclear and vague operation. However, he assured that Japan will adjust its policy in response to the development of AIIB and Mainland China’s “One Belt One Road” policy.
As for the food safety issue, which has drawn quite a few attention of Taiwan’s general public and media, Hon. Noda hoped that the restrictions on Japan’s imports could be examined by a more scientific method of the Taiwan government.
In conclusion, Hon. Noda mentioned that Japan would cherish the friendship with Taiwan who is a friend in need and shares the same value with Japan.