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Issues 1- 6

Taiwan Weekly is a newsletter released every week by Fair Winds Foundation and Association of Foreign Relations that provides coverage and perspectives into the latest developments in Taiwan.
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Issue 1
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PRC cuts tourists to Taiwan,to boycott Golden Horse Awards, amid rising tension
  • Featured News: Critical! China suspends individual travel to Taiwan
  • Featured Editorial: When restraint is no longer considered as a virtue, then malice will come out in full strength
  • Featured Opinion: How Would Beijing Assess Taiwan's election of 2020?
Issue 2
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Hong Kong Protests May Impact Taiwan's Upcoming Elections
  • Featured News: “The anti-extradition bill protests are not merely problems concerning Hong Kong.”
  • Featured Editorial: Protest Against Extradition Law in Hong Kong not Tsai’s Cash Machine
  • Featured Opinion: The Wise Choice Before the Head-on Confrontation Across the Taiwan Strait
Issue 3
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Taiwan's Ruling DPP Abuses State Apparatus
Issue 4 
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Taiwan's Trump?
Terry Gou Mulls Presidential Bid After Primary Setback
  • Featured News: Gou Staff: If Gou decides to run for president, he will do so as an independent and declare candidacy by September 17
  • Featured Editorial: Why Is Terry Gou Willing To Be Ko Wen-je's Stepping Stone?
  • Featured OpinionHan Kuo-yu’s Predicament And The Terry Gou Effect
  • This Week in Taiwan: Other Important Events This Week
Issue 5
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DPP Criticized For New History Textbooks Blurring Taiwan's Status As Undetermined
Issue 6
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Gou Gives Up Presidential Bid; Taiwan Election Returns To Blue-Green Showdown

Photo from: TVBS NEWS, United Daily News, China Times,