AFR Chairperson Ou speaks at Oriental Business Leaders Forum

Ambassador Francisco H. L. Ou, chairperson of the Association of Foreign Relations and former Foreign Minister of the Republic of China, was invited to speak at the Oriental Business Leaders Forum at 6 p.m., July 15, 2016.

The forum was hosted by Taiwan Listed Companies Association. 
Taiwan Listed Companies Association (TLCA) is founded with an eye to gathering outstanding business leaders and experts, and served as a platform for brainstorming, exchange of ideas, and mutual learning. TLCA currently has 150 members and is one of the major listed companies group in Taiwan.

▲AFR chairman Ou speaks on international etiquette at the Oriental Business Leaders Forum
▲AFR chairman Ou with Mr. R. T. Tsai (left), vice-president at TLCA and Delta Electronics Inc.
▲AFR chairman Ou with Mr. Hsiu-ming Wang (left), TLCA’s culture and creative industries committee chair & Chairman of Semi-Star management consulting Co. Ltd.
▲Group photo
▲AFR chairman Ou with Philip Chen, CFO at TLCA and partner of JYH HER CPAs.