Seminar on Contributions of late ROC Ambassador Yang Hsi-Kun (aka Mr. Africa)

Seminar on the Contributions of late R.O.C. Ambassador Yang Hsi-Kun (aka Mr. Africa) on 13 January 2016 was hosted jointly by the Association of Foreign Relations (AFR) and Institute of Diplomacy and International Affairs,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China. 

This year marked the 16th anniversary of the death of late Ambassador Yang Hsi-Kun, former R.O.C. deputy foreign minister and ambassador to South Africa. A seasoned diplomat, Yang had extensive experience in dealing with African affairs, which earned him the title of “Mr. Africa.” From 1952 to 1955, he was posted in Africa while working at the United Nations Trusteeship Council. He later returned to Taiwan and served in several posts, including director of the Department of African Affairs in the R.O.C. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, vice foreign minister, deputy foreign minister, and national policy advisor to the President. When Yang was R.O.C. ambassador to South Africa between 1979 and 1989, he paved the way for a climax in the bilateral relations.
To commemorate late Ambassador Yang and his lifetime achievements in diplomacy, AFR invited scholars and senior foreign staff to a joint discussion with the presentation of research papers on Yang’s work with the United Nations, South Africa and Sino-US relations. The seminar was held at the International Conference Room, second floor of the Institute of Diplomacy and International Affairs, with an eye to promoting public understanding of
relevant international affairs and knowledge in the history and function of R.O.C. diplomacy. 

AFR chairman Francisco H. L. Ou and R.O.C. foreign minister David Y. L. Lin were invited to deliver welcome remarks. The seminar, divided into the following three topical sessions, was moderated by the R.O.C. presidential
office’s senior advisers Ting Mao-shih and Timothy C. T. Yang as well as former R.O.C. foreign minister Chen Chien-jen (程建人).  

Session I. Ambassador Yang Hsi-Kun’s efforts at safeguarding R.O.C. representation in the United Nations
Session II. Ambassador Yang Hsi-Kun’s dedication and contribution to Sino-U.S. negotiations in times of the diplomatic breakup
Session III. Ambassador Yang Hsi-Kun & R.O.C. relations with South Africa
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▲Welcome remarks by R.O.C. foreign minister David Y. L. Lin

▲Welcome remarks by AFR chairman Francisco H. L. Ou

▲Session I. From left to right: Ambassador Francias C. R. LEE, Professor Wayne L. Wang, Ambassador Ting Mao-shih, Ambassador Sainting Kung, director-general Peiyung Hsu


▲Session II. From left to right: AFR Secretary-General Kwei-bo Huang, Dr. Joanne J. L. Chang, Ambassador Chen Chien-jen, Ambassador Pei-lung Tuan, and deputy director Vincent C. H. Yao

▲Session III. From left to right: Ambassador Jack Y. T. Cheng, Professor Chen-Shen Yen, Ambassador Timothy C. T. Yang, Ambassador Rung-tsao Yang, minister Ming Pang