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  AFR Vice Chairman Linghu... 2018-12-06  
Congratulations on the appointment of Ambassador Bruce J. D. Linghu, Vice Chairman of the Association of Foreign Relations, as new Deputy Mayor of Taichung City Thursday,...
  Panel on Political-Econo... 2018-11-29  
AFR will hold panels on “New Southbound Policy and regional economic development” and “Political Economic Relations between the U.S. and mainland China,...
  Roy Kao, Chairman of the... 2018-11-29  
Mr. Roy Kao, Chairman of the Chinese American Athletic Association, meets AFR Vice Chairman Bruce J.D. Linghu, and, on behalf of himself and Ms. Bee Hsu, Commissioner of ...
A Bridge for Taiwan's Global Future
Founded by diverse incumbent and former officials, entrepreneurs, NGO leaders, and scholars, the Association for Foreign Relations (AFR) is Taiwan’s premier non-profit global outreach organization. AFR serves as a vital, non-partisan bridge between Taiwan’s civil and governmental organizations, not only developing existing ties between concerned parties, but also initiating new, meaningful cross-Strait relations and global part...