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America's Grand Strategy Towards China
AFR Chairman David Lin was invited to attend the 2024 Fair Winds Lecture "America's Grand Strategy Towards China" on March 16.

This lecture was hosted by the Fair Winds Foundation and featured the
Yale University delegation headed by Mr. Edward Wittenstein and Mr. Dave Rank, and former Secretary General of the National Security Council, Taiwan, ROC Dr. Chi Su and former Premier of the ROC Executive Yuan Dr. Yi-huah Jiang.

Mr. Wittenstein highlighted the challenges of "competition without conflict" in US-China relations, emphasizing the importance of rebooting human interactions and monitoring China's economic and strategic shifts. Mr. Rank stressed the need for US self-investment to stay competitive, while Dr. Su cautioned against overestimating China's ambitions and reflected upon points of improvement in the overall streategy.

Their collective wisdom underscores the complexity and urgency of navigating US-China dynamics.

Key takeaways are summarized in the article below!
2024 / 03
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